Saturday, 29 May 2010

A Today's Best. And Another. And Another!

Well it would seem that my work on my zazzle shop is paying off. Well Zazzle are appricating the effort anyway, giving me three, yes, THREE "Today's Best" Awards in two days!

Yesterday this pair of Lucky Daruma Shoes:
UK: £54.95 / US: $54.95

And today I got one for this Dog Paw Print Tie (would be great for all those who show their dogs, don't you think?) :
Dog Paw Print TieBrown Paw Print Stripe Tie
UK: £24.95 / US: $34.05

And another for yesterday's giraffe freebie, with this personalised Giraffe Birthday Card:

Not bad, huh? Hehe!

(Oh, and incase you are disapointed about the lack of freebies - I'm working on some now! ;) )

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